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Accounting And human Resources

The integration of strategic services helps decision-making to enable increased growth in your business.

Accounting is a system of development and control of information that allows to know the patrimony of a company, its variations and results through a data registry system, which classifies, presents and interprets it in order to obtain and provide information that will allow the decision making, control and effective administration of the resources and assets of a company.

Human resources is the area that is responsible for selecting, managing and controlling the personnel of a company. Plan the positions to be filled and manage their proper functioning. It also deals with calculating the remuneration for the services provided through the settlement of salaries.

At Korban we take care of both the accounting and human resources areas so that your company is solid, orderly and maintains sustainable growth over time.

The services we provide are:

  • Registration and updating of accounting information.
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements.
  • Audit of financial statements.
  • Contracts, settlements and settlements.
  • Monthly remunerations.
  • Taxation.

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